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Hedone let me know about this great new theme available at his site Hedone Design. OSXLike runs on operating systems 4.5 and up, with special features such as User customizable HomeScreen, Icons and BackGrounds.The price is a reasonable $7.00 for the Theme and EXPANSION PACK which you can get at the theme store or via a shortcut on your BlackBerry.
EXPANSION PACK contains additional wallpapers for your BlackBerry (prepared for the Bold, Curve, Pearl, Pearl Flip). This theme is also really Wallpaper friendly!


OSXLike is available for the following models.

82xx Zen
82xx TodayPlus
82xx TodayPlus Messages
82xx TodayPlus Calendar

83xx & 88xx Zen
83xx & 88xx TodayPlus
83xx & 88xx TodayPlus Messages
83xx & 88xx TodayPlus Calendar

9000 Zen
9000 TodayPlus
9000 TodayPlus Messages
9000 TodayPlus Calendar


Check out the theme and more screen shots at this link HERE!

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