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I had the opportunity to speak with a representative from Taptu mobile search and I think they are on the right track for providing a great service for mobile devices and from my slanted point of view for BlackBerry Users.  What Taptu offers is a search engine that gives several categorized results of your search topic that are all mobile compliant.

The site currently does not have a quick launch icon for BlackBerry Devices but you can bookmark the site.

Taptu is geared for touch devices such as the BlackBerry Storm, but works great on all devices.


Now to my disappointment; I searched for BlackBerry Sites  and we had no results, but they quickly pointed me to a URL that allowed me to provide them with my site.

If you have a mobile site you can  go HERE to submit your site to Taptu. After submitting your site, they show a message that your site will be reviewed before being added to Taptu which is another big plus for the end user, assuring that your search result is an actual mobile compliant site.

Official Release Excerpts:
Today marks a point in time where two innovators in search Taptu on the mobile platform and OneRiot on the real-time web, have come together to bring you a completely new search experience on your mobile device.

By utilizing OneRiot’s realtime search API, Taptu has built a revolutionary real-time search engine that is tightly integrated into a mobile friendly touch interface.

For all the additional details on what Taptu has to offer go HERE!

You can link to Taptu from your BlackBerry by going HERE!

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