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“NextAction for Blackberry” helps you implementing GTDĀ  (Getting Things Done) with your Blackberry, bypassing the shortcomings of the internal Task/ToDo application.

* One click context (category) change
* * You do not have to configure Filter anymore!
* 100% compatible with internal Blackberry Task Applicationnextaction_box_169x160
* * You can use “NextAction for Blackberry” and the internal application simultaniuosly if you want
* Synchronizes with your standard desktop- and corporate environments
* * Works with Microsoft Outlook, Lotus Notes, ACT!, Novell Groupwise, etc. (any software which synchronizes your tasks will work).
* Quick add “next actions”
* * “NextAction for Blackberry” uses the clean and simple approach to GTD: no priorisation, only one context per action, easy and quick input
* Hide categories that are not task/next action related
* * You can select categories that should not appear in NextAction!, e.g. the categories of your Contacts, Notes, Calendar
* Contexts are sorted alphabetically
* * Contexts beginning with “@” appear on top of the list
* Projects
* * Project support allows an additional dimension in categorization
* Someday / Maybe
* * Someday / Maybe list support provides the possibility to set up low priority actions
* Customizable user interface
* * Additional list info line for contexts or projects

You can pick this up in our Store by going HERE!

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