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Benefits of Tazzle IT:

I love my BlackBerry, but sometimes the PC’s larger screen makes viewing things much easier. With Tazzle IT, I can take advantage of that size factor anywhere I go.
Wherever I go with my BlackBerry, there are PC’s with USB ports and printers. I don’t need to carry one along if I need a printout. With my Tazzle IT, I can print email content, attachments, even photos via any standard PC quickly, easily, and securely.
I want to edit something that’s stored on my BlackBerry. In some places I go to, I just can’t get a cellular signal. Sometimes, I’m carrying my laptop, but there’s no WiFi access. Still, I’d like to transfer email content, attachments, or photos that are on my BlackBerry to view and work with, taking advantage of the computer’s larger screen and keyboard. All I need is my BlackBerry and the Tazzle IT!

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