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The New Version released today is V. 1.0.35



All you have to do is follow the link below to get TweetCaster Free.

What you get with TweetCaster:
* URL shortening
* Picture sharing
* @replies & retweets
* GPS locator
* Toggle multiple accounts
* Trending topics

Whats New
* Auto-Refresh – TweetCaster now has Auto-Refresh of your Tweets. Adjust the frequency or turn it off completely. Your Tweets will also refresh if you go to a different screen (i.e. New Tweet) and return. Manual refresh is still available as a menu item.
* Improved User Interface – Changes were made to show more tweets on your screen and make them more readable. The large refresh button was removed and is now available from the menu. The font has been changed to a more modern look, and we have added a divider line between Tweets.
* @Username Hyperlinks – @Usernames are now hyperlinked and clickable
* More Apps – A link has been added to the main carousel that connects you to more great Handmark apps.
* Block User – Now possible to block users directly from their Tweet Detail screen.
* Several Bug Fixes.

Here are improvements on the list for TweetCaster 1.2

* Moving TweetCaster to the OAuth platform to allow your tweets to read “via TweetCaster”
* Customization – The ability to customize your font, font size, avatar sizes, etc.
* Unread Tweet Counter – Functionality to allow you to hover over the TweetCaster icon without opening the app and see how many New Tweets you have.
* Further User Interface Improvements TBD

To get the new TweetCaster from Handmark go HERE!

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