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This new version of Pandora has a bunch of cool new features, one that many people have been anxiously waiting for is improved audio quality. While we have had stereo AAC+ over Wi-Fi for a while, our mobile stream has been constrained to mono AAC – until now!

We’ve just switched the mobile streams over to AAC+ in our servers. If you are using an older Pandora client (1.0.3 or earlier) then you will be getting the “Normal” quality AAC+ stream (32 kbits). Once you upgrade to 1.10, you will have access to both the “High” quality AAC+ stream (64 kbits) and the “Normal” stream (in case your mobile connection isn’t fast enough to keep up with the high quality stream).

New Features

* Significantly better audio quality over mobile network – now using stereo AAC+ (HE-AAC) for both Wi-Fi and mobile connections
* User preference option to select “High” quality stream (64kbit) over mobile network or “Normal” (32kbit) for slower connections. Default is 64kbit. Wi-Fi (if available) will always use 64kbit.
* Create Station screen now has auto-complete functionality as you type
* Added user preference option to enable or disable station auto-start
* Moved “Log Out” from main menu into Options screen, it now shows the currently logged-in username
* Visual overlay when changing volume, more easier to see actual volume level
* Application will check for correct application permissions on startup, and offer to set them to appropriate values if required
* You can now get to the “Options” screen from the menus of both the Station List screen and the Now Playing screen
* Storm: Downward swipe gesture on the Now Playing screen will dismiss the current visual ad (if any)
* Reduced download size of app by about 30-40%


Bug Fixes:
* Fixing problem on some Storm devices where song started over from the beginning after being interrupted by a system alert (phone call, SMS, email, etc)
* Fixed bug where Wi-Fi capable devices without a SIM card or data plan were not able to use Pandora over Wi-Fi
* Fixed reports of “low volume” settings not being low enough – the lower volume settings now go as quiet as possible before being muted
* Fixed bug where album art may not have been displayed for some tracks
* Mute button should now properly sleep the device when holding it down

To download to your BlackBerry® go HERE!

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