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Hedone let us know about his new Theme called Metalic for you BlackBerry!  Metalic theme is designed for all who want to enjoy own wallpaper. Hidden icons, Home Screen dimming… Theme on which you can use any background image, but you’ll still see all the data on Home Screen.

Overview of features on different models:
Each version of this theme has different features, usability and appearance. Please thoroughly review the screenshots before purchasing.
The basic idea behind the new HedoneDesign Metalic Theme, the use of any background on HomeScreen. Irrespective of the background color, you’ll still be able to use and see all the data on HomeScreen. We add dimming of background while using icons and TodayPreview.
Theme is very fast and with six user defined icons on HomeScreen meet the needs of both the average and more demanding users. The speed and longer battery life were the foundation of this new design theme.

8350, 8500, 8900, 9000, 9600, 9700 series
– Icons and dimming retrieve by “SPACE” key
– Icons and dimming hide by “ESCAPE” key
– A warning for battery on HomeScreen appears only when its below 20% of its capacity
– A warning signal on HomeScreen is displayed only in case of problems with the signal
– Accurate information about the battery and the signal can be checked on AppScreen
9500 series
– Icons and dimming retrieve by clicking on the left part of the display
– Icons and dimming hide by “ESCAPE” key
– Other features are the same as in the above BlackBerry series (8900, 9000…)
8300, 8700, 8800 series
– Not applicable to hide icons and does not apply display dimming

You can pick this up in our store HERE!

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