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ScanLife uses the camera on your BlackBerry Device to scan barcodes that automatically display product information, show videos, dial a phone number and more without needing to type or search for information.


So next time you’re in a store and want to see if you’re getting a good deal, just open ScanLife and scan the barcode right on the product.  The app will automatically show you prices from a number of online retailers, and even show some reviews of what other people are saying.

***NOTE*** you will need a BlackBerry Device with an auto-focus camera.

The ScanLife application for the Blackberry device works directly with the camera.

  1. After opening the application, click on “Settings” from the landing menu page.
  2. Uncheck “Disable scanning”, and press “Save”.
  3. Press “Scan” and the Blackberry camera mode will be activated. Click the center roll ball button to capture an image of the code. A chime will indicate a successful scan.
  4. (if prompted): If your camera settings are set incorrectly, a message will ask you to change them. Press your Blackberry soft key (to the left of the rollerball) and choose “Options”. Then go to “Picture Size” and choose “Small”. Press Save and go back to Step 3.

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