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The new theme called Pulse is now available for the BlackBerry Storm ONLY (you’ll see why). It’s a never before seen theme concept that has many users drooling. A free trial is available so everyone can test it before buying!


Based on the revolutionary Emblaze Else OS, Pulse is a fan-like theme that is downright sexy! 16 carefully organized icons are at your disposal with 6 extra, customizable icon slots available under the Custom category. Because of the sorting, any app in any category can be quickly reached with a single thumb movement! Pulse feels completely natural in your hand and you will love the speed. Best of all, you can download a free trial and see how awesome this theme is before you buy.
In this trial, you can explore all of the functions of the theme but:

  • All Apps on the Homescreen do not open
  • Time on the Home & App List does not update

You won’t be able to change the wallpaper on this one, but it is a BlackBerry Storm exclusive so rock Pulse with pride

To get the Pulse Theme
Click Here.

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