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Mike from NickelBuddy let us know they have created a new exercise/workout application for BlackBerry Devices call Anywhere Abs. This time of the year apps like this will come in handy, while I eat all I want. lol
Anywhere Abs is like having a workout partner on your BlackBerry. It will guidescreenshot_3 you step-by-step through a routine to strengthen your core. This routine, which takes only 6 minutes to complete at the Advanced level, is perfect for the frequent traveller or for home use. It can be performed anywhere there is space on the floor, making it an ideal hotel room workout!

Anywhere Abs consists of 6 exercises, performed while a timer counts down for the duration of each exercise. A detailed description of each exercise is available for reference at any time during the workout.

Having a strong core is important for any sport, and Anywhere Abs makes your workout partner as close as your BlackBerry.screenshot_4

* 3 levels of Difficulty.
* Countdown timer for each exercise.
* Takes only 6 minutes at the Advanced Level
*  BlackBerry Storm with OS 4.5 or newer
* BlackBerry 83xx, 88xx, 89xx, 95xx, 96xx, 9000, Storm, Storm2, Tour, Bold, Curve
* Not compatible with the 81xx series Pearl

You can pick up Anywhere Abs in our Store HERE!
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