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Hedone let us know about a new theme from HedoneDesign! VISTALike theme is a Windows Vista replica theme with a lot of hidden features inside! You can tell alot of hard work and dedication went into this theme by the awesome final results.

vista blackberry theme

This New Win Vista Replica theme for BlackBerry has sharp and clean graphics and additional buttons. Beside classical icons that you find on Home-screen, this theme provides a bit more. Signal and battery meters are buttons and the same goes for clock and date. That way you don’t have to leave Home-screen to get to any of frequently used functions or programs.

vista blackberry theme 1

Check available options and select between these versions:
– Zen
– TodayPreview (shows future events when icon is selected (not clicked))
– TodayPlus (shows messages and Calendar events on Home-screen)
– TodayPlus Messages (shows more messages on home-screen and no Calendar events)
– TodayPlus Calendar (shows more Calendar events and no Messages on home-screen)

You can pick this new theme up in our Store by going HERE!

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