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Thanks to Peter for letting us know about this truely awsome Theme. Screen shots and details below!!!


Statement from Elecite:
So recently we’ve done a couple of simple themes such as Noble and Urban and I think it’s about time we go a little crazy lol. Due to popular demand, we release a new Alienware theme from elecite, Ulterior! Based on the still reigning champion of computer gaming, the Alienware gaming rig system, this theme brings their gorgeous looks to your BlackBerry.

Quick overview:
It’s crafted with glowing “ribs” just like the real deal, which are actually fully functional and represent the power of your Battery and Signal meters. It’s extreme quality in the palm of your hand.

2 buttons next to the time control the hatch. Use the right one will open the hatch and reveal a handful of customizable icons. Closing it gives you quick access to your Messages, Media, and Calendar (and no those cannot be changed).

Storm Screen Shot!


8900 Screen Shot:


Bold 9000 Screen Shot:


Ulterior is definitely the theme to impress your friends with if you have a BlackBerry 8900, 9000, or 9500 for the small price of$6.99.

Click Here for the Ulterior Theme!
For BlackBerry

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