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Page 1 hosts a very clean interface displaying the most important updates your phone has. 3-5 customizable icons are located here with a large Today preview area for your convenience and a large clock for easy readability. Moving to the right reveals a beautiful second page hosting 16 of the most important native BlackBerry apps as well as 6 extra customizable icons and an additional menu button for Storm users.

The Vapor theme:
♦ Clean, simple and professional
♦ Practical design
♦ 16 organized quick access icons
♦ 3-5 + 6 customizable icons
♦ Large "Today" preview area for any app
♦ A look you will not tire of
♦ Bright, polished dashboard interface
♦ Fast and snappy

Theme appearance varies by device and OS.

Vapor is 9800 Torch supported

For Devices 89xx 5.0 | 9500 5.0 | 96xx 5.0 | 9700 5.0 | 9800 6.0

Price 6.99

For the Vapor Theme
Click Here.


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