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Peter from Elecite let us know about a brand new theme they have available. Check out the details below.

Screen Shot!


Details From Elecite:
It’s time to take your precious BlackBerry to a whole new level of grunge. Eerie is an absolute design for those that are well, hardcore.

Screen Shot!

Each individual graphic has been optimized for maximum performance and the most intense looks. The team at Elecite spent a little extra time on this one to make sure you absolutely love it and I gotta say it looks incredible on the phone!
However, it doesn’t end there! You’ll enjoy a dual screen experience with optional wallpapers and 4-5 icons, a grand total of 8-10 customizable icons.


88xx | 83xx | 9000 | 95xx | 8900

Get the Eerie Theme from Elecite HERE!

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