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Ronald from elecite let us know about their latest theme release Halcyon. Check out all the details below.

Halcyon is slick, organized and oh so pretty. It comes with a bottom dock that houses 9 locked and ordered application icons: contacts, messages, calendar, tasks, memo, profiles, browser, Facebook and twitter (ubertwitter). Each icon will show a beautiful over-sized version and the Calendar and Messages apps will have a hidden Today preview area so you won’t have to open the app to see your appointments.

If that’s not enough, an 8-9 customizable icon menu with a weather slot is ready to get you to your favorite apps. It’s not possible to change the wallpaper on this one, since the over-sized icons will keep your home-screen colorful.
Available for BlackBerry 8900, 9500, 9600, and 9700.

You must have BlackBerry OS 5.0 with an Internet Access/Data Plan in order to download this theme!

Click Here for Halcyon
BlackBerry Theme

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