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An ultimate, business like theme that will give you everything you need right from Your homescreen. With simple design and sharp 3D icons, You will find Your way around Your Blackberry Smartphone really fast. You can use Coupon Code que10los to get 10% off until May 10th. 2010

blackberry theme quelos

Theme is a mixture of soft water light and metallic feeling, with professional icons – 12 of them right on Your homescreen, plus battery and signal meter shown with numbers – to make it even easier to read. It also has a TODAY PREVIEW – the background for TP is made for first 4 icons, so make sure You will organize them this way… The background will disappear after 4th icon, and You will have a clear theme, very wallpaper friendly

DON’T FORGET that this theme has also DFK – Double Function Keyboard; allowing you quick access to certain functions. By pressing certain key combinations you’ll quickly get to the desired program or function. Check it out on news – You will see it’s very useful and the shortcuts are easy to remember

You can purchase and see additional screenshots in our store HERE!

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