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Roland at Elecite let us know about a new theme they now have available called Ace. Ace is the first “app card” theme Elecite has created and I had the opportunity to demo this theme and the graphics and speed of the theme are awesome.
Ace has an “app card” design similar to the coverflow idea that you’ll really enjoy.
It comes with 5-6 customizable icons at the top, a weather Icon, 10-11 (locked) quick access app card icons and a Today style preview area so you don’t have to open your messages and calendar apps to see what’s inside. You won’t be able to change your wallpaper on this one because the awesome app cards will be rockin the majority of the homescreen.
Ace is very organized and pretty so you can forget about the application list.
Go grab this theme if you’ve got a BlackBerry 8900, 9500, 9600 or 9700.

Click Here for the Ace
BlackBerry Theme

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