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google search blackberry 7

I myself like many other people, probably use the address bar for Google Search, but when going to yesterday, I noticed a pop up asking me to download a launcher, so I gave it a shot. The Google search icon is larger than the original one we are used to, and it is version 1.0. This launcher does not offer voice search but it does seem odd that it is even offered. Maybe I have missed this and its availability but this does seem new overall.

We know from past news that Google was ending support for some mobile apps for BlackBerry such as Google sync which ended support June 1st, but maybe they saw a need to offer a new launcher for BlackBerry and will continue to add features to it.

I don’t know if this launcher is supported for just OS 7 devices, but I am curious to see what Google has planned for future mobile apps for BlackBerry if any at all.

If you have an older OS device and get the pop up while on, please leave a comment so we can check options of availability.

You can get to the download link by going to via your BlackBerry Here.

Or download via  OTA by going Here.

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