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Experience Capcom’s classic platformer on mobile. Control Mega Man and his dog, Rush, on an epic journey to defeat the nefarious Dr. Wily and his deadly robot masters.


Dr. Wily and his robot masters are at it again and only the blue bomber can save the day!

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In the year 200X Dr. Wily claims to reform and works with Dr. Light to build a peace-keeping robot named Gamma. When the eight robot masters resurface and steal the power crystals, it’s up to Mega Man and Rush, his trusty canine companion, to stop Wily and his raging evil robots.
• A perfect adaptation of the original console epic
• Battle against eight all-new deadly Robot Masters including Needle Man, Gemini Man, Hard Man, Snake Man and Shadow Man and revisit old foes
• Master eight new weapons: Magnet Missile, Gemini Laser, Hard Knuckle, Top Spin, Search Snake, Spark Shock and Shadow Blade
• Fight side-by-side with Mega Man’s shape shifting robot dog, Rush
• Introducing the “slide” move which allows Mega Man to duck behind cover and avoid projectiles
• Save your progress and return to the fight on your own time.

You can get all the details and purchase the Game by going HERE!

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