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Special thanks goes out to Sharon (Carnival Comics V.P.)  for sharing this information.


Thoughts and Goals of Carnival Comics:
Carnival Comics wants to deliver stories, art and music in a new and innovative way. We are breaking the mold of the current way comic books, graphic novels and visual storytelling are brought to the masses. As a comic book company, we have the distinct honor of being the first to have comic books on BlackBerry App World!


Carnival Of Souls is the first comic app to hit the Blackberry App World, with Funhouse of Horrors coming in the next week or so. This is a Free Ride in the Carnival. We want everyone to take a peek under the curtain and see if they are brave enough to Step Inside! If you are…
Then the ride can continue in the next few weeks, with the full extended version of Jazan Wild’s Carnival Of Souls Books One, Two and Three.
As well as Funhouse Of Horrors! The app book that will have you seeing ghosts clawing out of your phone screen!


The app is only available for the Curve and Bold currently. We hope to have a version for the Storm very soon. This is new territory for all developers. Blackberry is a little more challenging being that it’s phones are more diverse. So we ask for your patience while we work hard to give you the best! The feedback so far from the Curve and Bold users has been amazing!

You can view Carnival Comics Web Site by going HERE!

To get Carnival Comics app you can go to BlackBerry App World HERE!

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