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If you have been looking for a professional calculator then Lygea Calculators can take care of what you need.


A true business calculator for busy, non-manual-reading professionals. Labeled output that shows for instance “PV=1,500.00” instead of just showing “1,500.00” and having you remember that it is a present value. We have even added the thousand and hundred buttons so that you do not have to key in too many zeroes! Easy to use.



BlackBerry Storm/9500 Series.
– Supports portrait and landscape views
– “Thousand” and “hundred” buttons so you do not have to press too many zeroes!
– Algebraic data entry
– Labeled output
– Automatic constants
– Interest conversion
– Business percentages
– Time value of money
– Cash flows analysis
– Amortization
– One and two variable statistics
– Three key memory

The cost for this is 12.95 and does have a Trial version.

You can get all the details by going HERE!

If you have other BlackBerry models such as Bold, Curve, Javelin, Pearl, 8800 etc. these other BlackBerry calculators listed HERE.

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