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blackberry blackjack game

Mike from Nickle Buddy let us know about the new release of¬† BlackJack¬† Buddy Gold which offers a full featured Blackjack game with exciting casino action! Develop your strategy for the next time you visit the casino. With Blackjack Buddy Gold as close as your BlackBerry you’re always ready to practice!

This all new reboot of our best selling Blackjack game is packed with features and improvements. Dazzling graphics, improved interface, play statistics, and an easy access strategy card make this a “must-have” game for your BlackBerry!

Also included are 2 mini games to train your brain for the casinos. Hard core Blackjack players glance at a hand and instantly seem to know it’s value. Now you can practice
to have the same skill with the included games Mini 21 and Mini Sum It…

– Mini 21: With 20 seconds on the clock, you are shown 4 hands at a time, only one of which adds up to 21. Select the 21-value hands from each new set of 4 as many times as you can before time runs out.

– Mini Sum It: With 20 seconds on the clock, you are shown a Blackjack hand and 4 values, only one of which is the correct value for the hand. Select the correct value for each shown hand and complete as many hands as you can before time runs out.

* Customize your game
o You choose: dealer stands on all 17’s, or dealer hits soft 17
o You choose: double on 11 or less (including soft11), or double on any two cards
o Optionally displays Dealer and Player card totals
o Optionally displays the number of cards left in the deck
o Set the number of decks
* Statistics – track the number of hands won, lost, pushed, and percent return
* Split up to four hands
* Insurance pays 2 to 1
* Awards 150% on Blackjack
* Sound effects
* Free mini game: Mini 21
* Free mini game: Mini Sum It

Supported Devices:

Price 2.99

Available in the BlackBerry Sites Store Here

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