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I have been wanted to do some BlackBerry Themes with a completely different feel which led to the creation of this theme "Heart in my Hands" for BlackBerry This theme has a unique high contrast color scheme of off-white and a dark red texture and a new custom icon set created just for this theme. The home screen can be toggled between a very clean view with no icons present and a centered 6 icon dock (ESCAPE to hide and the $ key to reveal it again). On top of that our efficient RAK(Rapid Access Keyboard) is included as well. Currently for BlackBerry 9330, 9650, 9780 and 9700 devices running OS 6.

* Rapid Access Keyboard
* 6 icon hidden dock (ESCAPE to hide and the $ key to reveal it again)
* custom icon set

Price 6.99

Available in the BlackBerry Sites Store Here.

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