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Adrenaline is not only optimized graphically but is tuned for performance as well. This incredible theme does not have any animations or crazy features that aren't necessary for daily operations but I think you will find yourself performing at high speed with the tools at hand.

Adrenaline comes loaded with the RAK(Rapid Access Keyboard), a consistent set of shortcuts applied to many of our themes so that you can get used to the same shortcuts instead of learning new ones every time you change themes.

* (F) Profiles
* (0) SMS and MMS
* (alt + w) Pictures
* (alt + e) Music
* (alt + r) Videos
* (alt + s) IM Plus
* (alt + d) SocialScope
* (alt + f) Ubertwitter
* (alt + z) Setup Wifi
* (alt + x) Ringtones
* (alt + c) Manage Connections

Price 6.99

Available in the BlackBerry Sites Store Here.

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