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No laptop required. With BlackBerry® Presenter (Coming Soon) you can deliver presentations directly from your BlackBerry smartphone. Simply Plug your BlackBerry Presenter into a projector or monitor and select “Present” from the wizard on your BlackBerry smartphone.

blackberry presenter

You want to be able to deliver your presentations with ease. So leave your laptop behind and use BlackBerry® Presenter to deliver your presentations. Designed for professionals who are on the go, you simply plug it into a projector or monitor, and present Microsoft® PowerPoint® files wirelessly from your BlackBerry® smartphone.


While presenting, view your speaker notes or loop slides when you’re at that big convention. And, when you need to reference information on a different slide to answer that critical question, you can easily freeze your presentation on the overhead display while you search through your deck on your BlackBerry smartphone. Discover an easier way to present and impress your audience with BlackBerry® Presenter.

Currently listed at US 199.99

BlackBerry Presenter Home Page and additional specs  HERE!

If you want to be updated about availability go HERE!

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