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Take secure encrypted photos on your BlackBerry with automatic password encryption for all photos taken by BlackBerry Camera!

SecurePhoto application also allows you to encrypt photos stored on your device irrespective of its storage location. Encryption is based on the industry-standard ARC4 algorithm coupled with a personal pin such that your photos are secure no matter what. For ex, if a person takes your SD Card and puts it in his BlackBerry he won’t be able to view your encrypted pictures. Even if he has SecurePhoto installed on his device, he can only view his own secure photos but not yours.

Bullet-proof security for all your pics is just a click away!


  • Automatic password encryption of photos taken by the BlackBerry Camera!
  • Secure your photo on SD Card using strong ARC4 encryption.
  • Supports all BlackBerry devices running OS 4.2 & above.

Price 2.99

You can find Encrypt in our Store HERE!

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