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Developed by Handmark® in partnership with Blue Wave Media, the new American Health Journal mobile app enhances the experience for viewers providing instant access to the latest news and videos from your BlackBerry Device. Users can customize the app with to get their favorite American Health Journal content quickly and easily share content via email or social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.

The American Health Journal app offers the largest video library of physician interviews on virtually any health related topic. The exclusive interviews from the national award-winning PBS TV program educate users on a variety of medical conditions and health care news, including Today’s Health, Women, Family, Men, Wellness, Vision and Alternative Medicine.

World-renowned expert advice on topics such as:

-Conditions A-Z

-Today’s Health: Heart Health, Cancer and Diabetes

-Women’s Health: Cosmetic Surgery, Mental Health, Sexual Health, Breast Health, Pregnancy and Kids

-Family Health: Parenting, Children and Teens, Diet and Exercise, Addiction, Allergies and Asthma

-Men’s Health: Heart Health, Mental Health, Staying Fit, Sexual Health, Prostate Health

-Wellness: Prevention, Aging, Diet and Exercise

-Eye-Vision: Laser-Eye Surgery, Cataracts

-Alternative Medicine: Natural Healing, Vitamins and Supplements, Acupuncture, Diabetes

TIP: For best video performance, select Wi-Fi

You can pick up this App at Handmark by going HERE!

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