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Special thanks to Jamie (Senior PR Associate) for letting us know that Net Nanny Mobile is now available for BlackBerry Devices. Net Nanny Mobile offers a complete suite of security software applications to protect mobile devices and their users. By utilizing the Parental Control Dashboard, parents can easily and effectively gain insight into their children’s mobile activities, as well as offering protection from the effects of device loss or theft. Some of the details are listed below.  Cost and additional info with the link provided below.


E-Mail and Text Message Monitoring & Alert Notifications
Parents now have the ability to view all e-mail messages, along with all (SMS) text messages and multi media (MMS) messages transmitted and received by the device.
Key Word Alert: Net Nanny Mobile “Alert” notification monitors keywords identified by the parents as words that could be potentially alarming. When one of the key words is contained within a text message or email, to or from the child, the parent is notified immediately via e-mail by Net Nanny Mobile.
From any computer on the Internet, parents are given complete insight into the mobile activities of their children.

View Calls
With Net Nanny Mobile, parents can now view all inbound and outbound calls from the child’s mobile phone. The parent now has access to monitor those voice communications including the time, date and duration of the voice call.

View Contacts
A “Contacts” directory or address book is the core of who your child is communicating with. Parents can now view the entire address book as stored on the child’s mobile device including name and phone number.

GPS Locate
Millions of mobile devices are lost or stolen each year. This has lead to expensive replacement costs for parents. With Net Nanny Mobile GPS Locate, parents can easily locate a lost or stolen mobile phone.
Net Nanny Mobile allows parents to issue locate commands and find a child’s device. Parents can now locate their child via the GPS locate tool. How often does your child go to a friend’s house to “hang-out” or to the school field or park to practice sports and forgets to mention it to you? The GPS Locate command would give the parent immediate peace of mind by displaying on Google Maps the exact location of their child.

Track Device Use
From our easy-to-use web-based “dashboard” parents can view a list of all third party applications currently installed on the child’s mobile device. Such applications include games, social networking sites such as Facebook and Myspace.
Additionally, the web-based “dashboard” allows parents to:

  • Monitor all text and email message content
  • Receive alerts based on message content or sender
  • View phone call log information
  • View address book (Contacts) contents
  • Run commands to lock, wipe, or backup data on the device

Parents can easily gain insight into their children’s mobile activities, as well as offer protection from predators and device loss/theft.
Parents can log-in to the Net Nanny Mobile Parental Control dashboard from any internet connection. Parents who have multiple children with mobile devices can add multiple devices to one dashboard account so that all children can be viewed from one easy to use interface.

To see the additional details and cost go HERE!

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