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This is a pretty cool premium app designed by Toysoft specifically for Blackberry 6 devices.

With myMissedCalls app you can save all Missed and Ignored Calls and display a short cut icon on the HomeScreen into a specific folder. You can then open the missed call folder and launch the icon to call back the caller.

myMissedCalls will automatically get the callers picture if the caller is in your Contacts application. A default icon will be displayed if no Contact found.

You set to delete the shortcut icon after you do a callback to avoid having a messy missed call folder or simply select the icon and select Delete from the HomeScreen menu.

With myMissedCalls you no longer need to browse thru the call log and figure out your missed calls.

Try myMissedCalls free today!

  • Designed for BlackBerry OS6
  • Small foot print
  • Integrates with HomeScreen
  • Integrates with the Contacts application
  • Assign a Missed Call folder
  • Automatically save all missed calls and ignored calls
  • Automatically call the caller when you launch the shortcut
  • Optionally delete the shortcut from the folder
  • Simply a COOL application for the BlackBerry

Available in our Store Here.



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