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This is a really cool application that is now available at BlackBerry® App World™. This application is primarily for Business use, and the way most applications are priced (high) for commercial use, I was pleasantly surprised of the Pricing Plan MyCaption is offering.

The Power of Voice
MyCaption enables you to increase productivity and efficiency now! Speak emails, memos, calendar appointments, tasks, contact notes … Up to 3 Minutes!


Seamless Integration
The power to easily use your voice as a keyboard is available to you everywhere on your BlackBerry. Do you sync.. with Outlook, Google, Lotus Notes? Keep your sync functionality and add the power of voice.

Works with your company BES for Microsoft Exchange, Domino and Groupwise.

Works on all BlackBerry devices with OS 4.2.1 and higher.


* Emails: Compose new Emails, Reply to existing emails, or forward them.
* Memos: Compose new memos, or add to existing ones.
* Tasks: Compose new tasks, or add notes to existing ones.
* Calendar Appointments: Compose new Tasks, or add notes to existing ones.
* Contact Notes: Add notes to a Contact.
* MyCaption Address Book: Add contacts to your MyCaption Address Book, and speak emails to them.
* PIN Messages: Compose PIN messages, or reply to the existing ones.


* BlackBerry Software Integration: Seamless integration into BlackBerry email and PIM functions.
* Enterprise Applications: Synchronization with Outlook, Google, etc.
* Tasks: Compose new tasks, or add notes to existing ones.
* BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES): Works with BES Microsoft Exchange, Domino and Groupwise.

Special Features

* Business length: Speak naturally for up to 3 minutes.
* Text Review: Review and edit your text before it is sent.
* Multiple Email Accounts: Support for multiple email accounts on your BlackBerry.


* BlackBerry Devices: Supports all BlackBerry devices on OS 4.2.1 and higher, including BlackBerry Storm, Bold, Pearl, Curve, 8900, 8800, and 8700.
* Carriers: Works on all major carriers worldwide.
* Language: Currently supports English language.

Free Trial Available!

The Starter Edition is exclusively available on BlackBerry App World for $2.99 HERE!

For additional Pricing Plans and  details go HERE!

Press Release HERE!

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