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myCallLogs Application.


Thanks  to the folks at Toysoft inc. for letting me know about this application. This application does have a trial version.

With tons of features and available for a lot of different BlackBerry Devices, this application will come in handy for both the casual and professional user.

Here is the description.

Automatically save all incoming, outgoing and missed calls to the Calendar application.   Supports conference calls too.  Keep track of monthly billing information such as minutes for incoming and outgoing calls and the number of calls.

Each call is identifies as incoming or outgoing and the duration of each call.

When you synchronize with the Outlook or your corporate server your call logs will be transferred automatically.  Reports can be generated by your IT.

From the call logs in the Calendar you can easily add a note or reminder for a call back to the caller.



Storm and                                                                     Curve  ScreenShots

mycalllogs_storm mycalllogscurve

* BlackBerry® OS 4.2 and Higher


* 8700 Series
* 8800 Series
* 8900
* Pearl
* Curve
* Bold
* Storm


* Save both incoming and outgoing calls eg: name, number, duration of call
* Save missed calls
* Billing information such as minutes used and number of calls for the current month
* Save each call directly to the Calendar application

You can pick up myCallLog Trial or Purchase by going HERE!

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