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Thanks to Verizon for giving me the opportunity to try out the BlackBerry Tour. I know the Tour has been out for quite a while but with my local carrier not BlackBerry Tour Verizonhaving it, this was my first opportunity to try it out.  I can honestly say when I reviewed my current BlackBerry 8900, I said it was second to none. I would have to put the Tour into the same category.

The Tour has quick reaction time,  great screen resolution and has a nice, slim lite weight design.  Would I give up my 8900 to switch to the Tour? Hmm that is a tough question to answer, but I would have to say sure. Maybe not because of the device being that much better overall but because of the speed.

YES!!  My biggest surprise and amazement was with the Data speed.  WOW could I get used to that. My local carrier has Edge which I thought was okay , but preferred jumping on WiFi whenever I could. Using the BlackBerry Tour from Verizon was night and day. I thought it was going to be bad with the Tour not having WiFi but the Verizon 3G network was as fast and at times much faster than when I am on my WiFi. This was a very pleasant surprise.

You can not go wrong with the Verizon BlackBerry Tour at all.

You can access Verizon and check out the Tour by going HERE!

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