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The theme called  "My Life" is a great example of having your own True Personalized  Theme.  It’s YOUR BlackBerry so it should represent YOUR life! Videos and Links are provided below.

My Life is designed to allow you to keep pictures of whatever matters most to you right on your home screen and still keep the full design of your theme! With the provided template you can create an unlimited amount of pictures to see on your BlackBerry, whether you just got married or are freshly back from Disneyland, its all about you! This theme is also fully featured with an 8 icon hidden top dock plus the picture frames are icons that launch SMS, Messages, and Calendar.

View the videos below to see how it works.

  • Hidden Top Dock
  • Custom Home Screen

Available in our Store: Buy My Life BlackBerry Theme HERE!

Update New and Now  Available:

You can have My Life theme Wallpapers custom made by going HERE!

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