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$62.96(Until April 14th 2011)

I have been wanting to get a pair of dual ear stereo Bluetooth headphones for a while now but haven’t been able to justify the expense since I have some really high quality chorded headphones…… but it was time to get rid of those pesky chords so I selected the MOTOROKR S7’s as my first test subject.  The Motorola S9 is probably the more popular stereo Bluetooth model in Motorola’s line up but I get easily annoyed with in ear headphones so I decided on the slightly less expensive model first.  As soon as I heard my doorbell ring today I knew that it must be them and I ran downstairs like a child trying to catch a glimpse of Santa on Christmas Eve.  I promptly tore them out of the box and plugged them into the micro usb charger by my desk(I was pleased to see a micro usb charging port as opposed to a mini, it’s nice to be able to use the same charger for multiple items).  As much as I wanted to test the headphones on a 15 minute charge, I was a good boy and charged them fully before taking them for their first test drive.  The green light indicating that they were fully charged came on after about 3 hours of charging.

Fit: I find the S7’s to be quite comfortable(weighing 1.6 ounces they’re hardly bulky), albeit a bit awkward to put on at first.  Once I became accustomed to how they were attached to my ears I fell in love like a 16 year old boy at a peep show.  The only downside I found in the way the S7-HD’s fit is that they are held in place mostly by gravity so they don’t always stay right where you want them to.  I would consider the design to be one for relaxing, chillaxin, traveling, and the like rather than for athletic activities.

Sound Quality: Utilizing SRS WOW HD Technology; I found the MOTOROKR S7-HD quite stunning and rich, with much more depth than I was expecting.  I have been a long time fan of Motorola Bluetooth products but since they are an Ear Pad style headphone I was prepared to find a mediocre sound quality, but that’s not what I found at all.  The bass was deep and rich, and the highs and mids were clear and crisp.  The headphones also have a nice volume range.  In my experience single ear Bluetooth headsets that support the A2DP audio streaming profile are usually completely inadequate when it comes to actually being able to immerse yourself in the audio experience, whether its a new audio book, a recorded presentation, or the new Heavy Metal album you want to listen to without pissing your wife off(I’m kidding!!……… well…… kind of kidding).  Have no fear heavy metal fans, you’ll be able to FULLY enjoy your music with the MOTOROKR’s(Note: I wouldn’t recommend head banging with the S7’s since as far as headphones are concerned this would be an "athletic activity").

In closing I just want to say that I Abso-Posi-utely LOVE the Motorola MOTOROKR S7-HD stereo Bluetooth headphones!  These headphones would be a great gift for an audiophile or tech nerd that you may be shopping for over the holidays(or even that special someone who you are tired of watching get tangled up in headphone chords). 

Get the MOTOROKR S7-HD Headphones in the BlackBerry Sites Store Today (Why are you still here?)



Official BlackBerry Sites Store Description:

Goodbye Wires Move freely with wireless control of your music. Track, volume and call controls are built into the headphone.

Chill Out In Comfort The S7-HD’s comfortable on-ear design makes it ideal for total music immersion.

Music To Your Ears High-defintion surround sound featuring 30mm drivers and SRS to deliver rich bass and clarity at high frequencies.

Stay Connected Pair S7-HD to your compatible Bluetooth enabled phone for wireless calls in stereo. Your music automatically pauses or mutes when a call comes in.

Pocket Portability So small, the S7-HD fits in your pocket

Inside the Box:
• USB Charging cord
• Quick start guide

Wireless Range: Up to 33 ft

Play/talk time: up to 8 hrs

Please note: Wall charger is not included.

Wireless Requirements for music: Mobile phone or MP3 player with Bluetooth Stereo profile (A2DP). A Bluetooth adapter (NOT INCLUDED) may be required for use with iPOD/MP3 players and PCs.

Compatible Devices: BlackBerry: 8110 (Pearl), 8120 (Pearl), 8130 (Pearl), 8220 (Pearl Flip), 8230 (Pearl Flip), 8300 (Curve), 8310 (Curve), 8320 (Curve), 8330 (Curve), 8350i (Curve), 8520 (Curve), 8530 (Curve), 8820, 8830, 8900 (Curve), 9000 (Bold), 9100 3G (Pearl), 9300 3G (Curve), 9330 3G (Curve), 9500 (Storm), 9530/9530T (Storm), 9550/9520 (Storm2), 9630 (Tour), 9650 (Bold), 9670 (Style), 9700 (Bold), 9800 (Torch)

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