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  mobile sites rolling stone

With limits being placed on bandwidth, mobile sites continue to increase in popularity for mobile device users and also for companies putting focus on quick loading mobile sites. We have added around 25 more mobile sites to as this mobile site portal continues to grow. You can try out YourShortCut on your BlackBerry PlayBook also.

One of the sites added was rolling stones magazine mobile site (Shown Above) which offers plenty of information that music lovers are looking for.

YourShortCut Current Categories

  • News and Information ( Local News, International News, US News, Magaizines, Stocks and Tech)
  • BlackBerry Related Sties ( Many mobile sites to popular BlackBerry Sites)
  • Weather (Several Mobile Weather Sites)
  • Sports (Main Sporting Mobile Sites, MLB, NBA, Soccer, Hockey and More)
  • Banking (Over 45 mobile Banking Sites Currently Listed)
  • Travel  (Airlines, Hotels, Travel Help, Maps and Bus and Train)
  • Entertainment (TV, Movies, Restaurants, Shopping, Shipping and More.)
  • Kids and Games (Several Mobile Sites just for Kids)
  • Email Sites ( Mobile links to Popular Email Sites)
  • Video Sites (Watch and Search for Video Sites that work on your Mobile Device)
  • Photo’s  (Picasa, Flickr, PhotoBucket, Kodak and More)
  • Health and Fitness (Popular Mobile Sites related to Health and Fitness)
  • Random (Everything we could not find a category for)
  • Search Engines (Popular Search Sites Mobile version)
  • Automotive (Mobile Sites for Ford, Chevy, Toyota, GMC and Many More)


You Can visit the Mobile Magazine Category Here. Launcher is available in Blackberry App World here. Launcher is available in the BlackBerrySites Store Here.

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