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Message Scheduler allow you to create Email, Sms and Pin Messages to be delivered in the future date and share your friends messages to others by using auto SMS Forwarding System.

——-New 2.0 Update features——-
* Create New Groups for SMS, PIN and Email contact.screenshot_3
* View Groups and add Contacts to groups.
* Create New Contact within application.
* Compose Scheduling for Email.
* Compose Scheduling for Pin Messages.
* Add Attachment to Email Messages.
* Use groups for bulk message scheduling and forwarding.
* Now option for forwarding All SMS Message with template adding feature.
* Messages are stored in Device memory.
* Option to Stop application working in the background.
* Outbox Folder for failed Email and Pin Messages.
* Add multiple To,CC,Bcc message for Email and pin.
********* Application Features *********
* Attractive and User friendly look & feel.
* Send Messages by Adding multiple recipient at one screen.
* View Message history by using Drafts, Sent and Canceled Folder.
* Access to Phone Book and Call Logs for fetching Contact.
* Add new, delete old and edit old message and save and use.
* message forwarding allow you to share messages to friends.
* Once scheduled SMS delivered, It can be viewed in Send Folder.
* User can Cancel message, which sends to Cancel Folder, where user can send it again.
* Work with both GSM and CDMA Phones.

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