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Use MegaAlarms to manage all your daily, repeat or one time alarms. You can create upto 32 different alarms with MegaAlarms. You can set an alarm that repeats daily, weekdays, weekly or run once only. Optionally use the snooze feature. You can set to snooze from 5mins to 6 hours and repeat 1 to 10 times.

Use any external sound as the alarm sound or use the built-in Mega Alarms sound.


  • Create upto 32 different type of Alarms
  • Snooze feature
  • Repeat alarms
  • Include built-in alarm sound
  • Free and Integrates with animClock. animClick requires OS4.6 and higher
  • Very friendly and easy to use

Note: When charging your BlackBerry access to the internal and SD Card is not permitted. In this case Mega Alarms will use the built-in alarm sound.

Note: For Storm user you will need to disable compatibility mode for MegaAlarms in the Options->Applications app

Price 2.99

Available in our Store Here.

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