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I use MapQuest a lot with my home desktop and I am really looking forward to using the new My Places feature on my BlackBerry®.


NEW! My Places Feature

Now, registered My Places users on can easily view their saved maps and routes on their BlackBerry Smartphone.
With My Places, you can now save your favorite maps and directions, access them from any computer or mobile device, and even calculate the fuel cost of upcoming trips!


*If you previously had a My MapQuest login, then you can login on MapQuest® 4 Mobile and view your locations.

MapQuest 4 Mobile generates the same accurate directions you’ve come to trust from


MapQuest’s detailed and friendly map style is a familiar face in the mobile world.
* Aerial Maps – Get an eagle-eye view to orient yourself; easily available from any map.
* Interactive Maps for Mobile Screens – MapQuest 4 Mobile uses smaller map images for mobile screens. This allows you to pan and zoom without waiting for long downloads.

Find Me
MapQuest 4 Mobile uses your phone’s GPS chip to locate you, keep track of your progress along a route, or simply find your location when you are lost.

If on your BlackBerry® now you can get MapQuest 4 Mobile HERE!
To get MapQuest 4 Mobile you can go HERE!

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