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Fixmo Tools is like a utility belt for your smartphone. It helps save you from losing email and other data, monitor your power and memory usage, and even avoid potentially embarrassing email mistakes.
Fixmo is conveniently packaged to give you an essential set of tools in one simple download.
Backed by world class support, experienced mobile developers, and a continuous flow of new utilities, Fixmo Tools is a must have smartphone application.

  • Undelete is your phone’s “recycling bin.” You can retrieve deleted email, PIN messages, calendar events, tasks, and memos. Undelete is integrated into the existing message system menus.
  • Flame Retardant helps you save face. It warns if you’re about to:
  • • Reply All to a message on which you were BCC’d when you want to reply only to the sender,
  • • Use potentially inappropriate content, such as profanities or excessive punctuation and capitalization (which can imply shouting),
  • • Add unintended recipients. Flame Retardant will ask you to double-check your recipient list based on the domains you’re sending to. Keep clients and friends off of those internal business emails!
  • Silencer watches your calendar and completely silences during scheduled events. (No rings, alerts, or other sounds) For unexpected events, use Quick Silence, and set it for any duration. (The movie theatre will thank you.)
  • Forward/Reply with Edit lets you edit the original message when you reply or forward it. Like Undelete, this essential utility integrates seamlessly into the existing BlackBerry e-mail menus.
  • Battery Watch is your early warning system. It monitors power usage and warns you when your battery reaches low levels. Detailed statistics estimate how much talk, browsing, standby and other app time you have left so you don’t run out at a bad time.
  • Memory Monitor is your phone’s “check up.” It tracks detailed memory stats and gives you an insight into your phone’s performance across both RAM and device memory.

You can pick this up in our Store HERE!

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