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I have been using the Trillian Beta quite a bit and I am honestly impressed with how the app works and the easy to navigate GUI. Setup was a breeze and the backend give a lot of control  picking a white or black theme and several settings.

For this being a beta it is nice to see Trillian come out of the gate strong. I do not know when the beta will end and the app will become a paid application but  if you are an IM user, Trillian beta is worth a try.


Trillian for BlackBerry integrates all major IM networks in one app: Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger, Facebook Chat, AIM, ICQ, and Google Talk in one place!



Special Note

Trillian for BlackBerry is currently in beta testing. The beta is time-limited and will expire upon the final release of the product.

Download via Desktop HERE!

Download OTA by goin HERE!

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