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Special thanks to Trip from LogMeIn® for sharing this information and screen shots with us. This is going to be a very popular application, when it goes to beta.

As this application evolves, it has the potential to be a must have application in the business world.


The ability to access and control a computer from a BlackBerry® Storm™ smartphone is coming soon from LogMeIn.  LogMeIn Ignition for the BlackBerry Storm smartphone will allow users to access their Internet-connected Windows- and Mac-based computers from
virtually anywhere and work as if they were sitting in front of them.


Remote control
BlackBerry Storm smartphone users can access files and programs on any remote Internet-connected computer as if they were sitting in front of it. LogMeIn Ignition is compatible with Windows PCs running LogMeIn Pro, LogMeIn IT Reach or LogMeIn Free, and Mac OS X computers running LogMeIn Free.


Saved passwords
With LogMeIn Ignition’s secure password storage, remote computers are only one click
away. Eliminate the hassle and headaches associated with trying to remember multiple
passwords or access codes without compromising security.

LogMeIn Ignition for the BlackBerry Storm smartphone is currently in alpha.
Sign up to learn more and be notified of beta at

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