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The "ZERO-power consuming" CellTower based tracking solution – Automatically inform friends or family members when you are around – so they can be prepared when you arrive (can save you some embarrassing moments). Keep informed right in the moment when your loved once are leaving a previous defined sector (radius around a location). Doing all this without almost none additional power consumption and data transfer.

Over the last month LittleBrother was running on more the 3500 BlackBerry devices and have collected over 300.000 different CellTowers all over the world


What’s new in LittleBrother v0.5.0.5?

  • LittleBrother now supports the definition of up to 50 different Sectors – each Sector can have it’s own recipient (list) and own custom IN- & OUT-Messages.
  • Select a list of CellTowers (from the Local CellTower DB) and define a new Sector from this selection – The IN and OUT Sector calculation will then work on the base of the selected CellTowers.As long as you are connected to one of the CellTowers from the list LittleBrother treat this as IN-Sector as soon as the phone connects to a different CellTower the OUT-of-Sector message will be send to the defined recipient(s).
  • When you realize that an additional CellTower should be added to a CellTowerList based Sector then this CellTower can be added to an existing Sector via the LocalCellTowerDB List (via the #Menu)
  • For CellTowerList based Sectors an overview map could be displayed.
  • Delete a CellTower from a CellTowerList based Sectors at any time.
  • Additional checkbox for Out of Sector-Notifications: Notify after device reboot [OFF by default] – What does this mean? With the new feature to define multiple sectors the possibility that you are outside of one or more of these sectors is quite high. This would mean when you reboot your device (or do a battery pull) that LittleBrother would send to all recipients of these sectors the the Out of Sector-Notification. In order to disable the notification for a sector on a device reboot the checkbox can be unchecked.
  • When displaying a CellTowerLocation via the BlackBerryMaps popup then this map can be ZOOMED-IN [Key: i] and ZOOMED-OUT [Key: o].

LittleBrother Core Features:

  • Automatically send eMail and/or SMS notification when the device is leaving a certain area. This can be used to:
    • Keep notified if your children are leaving the area (in which they normally allowed to stay) – e.g. when they take by accident the wrong bus on their way to school.
    • Theft detection – if your device will be moved into an area where you normally never would going too [could be ideally combined with other applications like SmrtGuard to wipe your device remotely]
  • Automatically send eMail and/or SMS notification when the device is returning into a certain area. Useful to:
    • Let your loved once know, that you are coming home soon (e.g. returning from work)
    • To be relaxed again when you previously received an LittleBrother "Out of Sector" Notification.
  • See an overview map of the last 25 CellTowers you have been connected too – IMHO very informative just to realize how much information about ourselves we are leaving every single day.
  • Export the local CellTower Database (locations) to a KML-File and send it via eMail [to be used with GoogleEarth to get an overview of all the CellTowers you have recorded so far].
  • Support for device ‘Backup & Restore’: Keep all your LittleBrother CellToer Records when you updating your OS or change your BlackBerry® device!

Visit Little Brother App Home page Here.

Download OTA Here.

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