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In this release, Linkedin focused on two main areas:

1. BlackBerry OS 6.0 Support: Since the launch of the Torch and the more recent opportunities to upgrade existing devices, we’ve been inundated with requests through our feedback email address and customer support. Given that users were blocked from using the application on OS 6.0 for several technical reasons, we made this our top priority for the release.

2. Profile Design Refresh: Viewing member profiles is the #1 activity users do today in the application. We’ve re-designed the profile completely to make it easier to see and interact with all the information on it, while also adding two new features. We’ve been asked by many users for the ability to view the connections of the people they are connected to, as well as to see who they have in common with people on the site. Those new features are now available right at the top of the profile.

Quick Statement from Linkedin: We know that one of the most common pain points raised in this group before is the fact that the application can’t be completely exited. Our top priority for this release was supporting OS 6.0 and recent devices, and unfortunately, the rearchitecture necessary to address this issue was too large to also make it into this release.

It has been submitted to BlackBerry App World as well, and it should be approved and available shortly. Currently available for download at

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