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Lenovo and RIM offer a solution called “Constant Connect,” which allows enterprise email received on a users Blackberry smartphone to be automatically synchronized via Bluetooth onto the users ThinkPad laptop even if the ThinkPad laptop is turned off without the user having to take any additional steps.

For example, while flying from Boston to New York you decide to get caught up on some email. When you hit send on your emails on the plane, rather than sit in your draft folder, the emails will automatically be stored on your Constant Connect Card in your PC. Once you have landed, theres no need to stop in the terminal to turn on your computer and find a wireless connection to send the emails. Constant Connect will automatically synchronize your email through a Bluetooth connection to your Blackberry and your Blackberry will send the emails seamlessly.

Here is a video to demonstrate

For the full version of the press release go HERE!

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