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What a welcome surprise for a Saturday. I am sure many people with 9650 Devices  have been waiting for this; although keep in mind this is a leaked version. While doing the write up I noticed that Adam over at CrackBerry did a nice video showing this leaked OS running on a 9650 so I included that video below.

On your BlackBerry Now? Watch the Video Here.

You can Download the Bold 9650 OS from:

Notice/Disclaimer: This is an unofficial RIM software release so  Install at your own risk. Since this  is unofficial leaked  software their is no guarantee of stability. This product will not be supported by RIM or your carrier if any problems arise. PLEASE, if you choose to upgrade with a leaked software version it is strongly recommended that you make a backup before using any leaked software. 3rd party apps and software also may not work when upgrading.
If any of the above comments makes you unsure about doing an upgrade then you should  wait for an Official RIM software Release. If you choose to install, you are doing so at at your own risk.  BlackBerrySites is not responsible  for any malfunctions, crashes, incompatible 3rd party apps or BlackBerry devices deemed inoperable.

Source BBLeaks (OS Leak)

Source CrackBerry (Video)

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