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Thanks to Fabian for letting us know via twitter that he has a new application available. You can check out all the details below.

This application allows you to have full control over who you have to call back when.

From your Call Log or from your Messages application (on some devices, both work, on others only one works) you select an entry, press Menu then ‘Remind me later!’ and now a selection pops up when you want to get notified again about calling back.

It creates a calendar entry at the selected time and date. Make sure that you set the following in the Calendar-Options:
1. Open up the Calendar
2. Click Menu then Options
3. General Options
4. Default Reminder
5. Set it to 0 min.

In the next version I will try my best in programmically creating that reminder so that you don’t have to set the default reminder to 0 min.
How the application works:
You select an entry, the application creates a calendar appointment with the data of the call, it sets the reminder of the event to the default reminder (and you have to set that default reminder to 0 min in order to get notified at the correct time).
Make sure to hit me with your suggestions! Tweet me at and I will try to get back to you with what I think about your suggestions!

You can pick up this application by going HERE!

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