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Many thanks to  Jessica for sharing this information with us. Jessica is  a Physical Therapist, and  the  Founder / Inventor of Celly Smellys. I had the opportunity to speak with Jessica this morning and after looking at what Celly Smellys has to offer, I can see why she is so excited about this product. If the success of a product depends on the integrity and commitment of the founder;  Celly Smellys will be available to BlackBerry users for a very long time. cellysmellyslogo What are Celly Smellys: * Celly Smellys are the first LCD safe cleaning wipe for cell phones, including Blackberry, infused with fresh fragrances like Berry, Melon and Pina Colada. * 15 wipes per re-sealable zipper pouch makes portability easy for laptop bags, purses, book bags, car consoles, diaper bags. * Lens grade polishing cloths are not oversaturated, so no damage to Blackberry componenets. clean-pinkberrykeep Celly Smellys uses: * Clean and refresh Blackberry, cell phones, MP3 players, video games, lap tops, GPS, digital cameras and more with easy one-step application. * Remove dirt and grime where germs may reside, minimizing exchange of potentially harmful agents like swine flu. * Cell phones and Blackberry devices can be dirtier than the bottom of your shoe or a public toilet seat – YUCK. If your going to clean your Blackberry, why not have it smell good too! clean-blackberrysizedkeep Where to buy: * Online store at, all 650 f.y.e. (For Your Entertainment) stores nation wide,,, * Celly Smellys packaging is translated to Spanish, French and Chinese and are available for international sales – visit for details. Price: * Celly Smellys are $4.99 per pack of 15 wipes – 2 to 3 times cheaper than competitors.  Plus, no other electronics wipe have fresh, clean fragrances to further personalize your Blackberry.

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