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I did not get the opportunity to play this game, but I did get an email from someone that has and they said not only is it addicting, but the graphics are quite nice. If you pick up this game, please leave a comment with your thoughts.


* Just tap on the screen and your Ninja jumps from one wall on the other, killing all the enemies in the air! You have to watch-out for obstacles & enemies on the walls though as they can knock you out of the game!
* Climb as high as you can before an enemy or obstacle knocks you down!!
* In this dangerous journey of wall climbing there are many enemies to watch-out, take down three of em’ in a row and yo’ll get a bonus!
* Take a shield and you can protect yourself from 1 enemy.
* Some enemies will try and take you down with stars and rockets! So be careful!
* With your every step upward the score will increase … but so will the difficulty!

Price 2.99

Available in our BlackBerry Sites Store Here.

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