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Special Thanks to my PR contact from Verizon for sending us the Storm2. We played around with it quite a bit and really enjoyed it.

Now we could have done an un-boxing video, review it from our point of view or just do a video of us using the Storm2.These things have been done many times and what we really wanted to find out, “Is it any better than the original Storm?”bb_storm2

This is what we set out to do by getting an everyday users opinion. A good friend of ours Melissa, has been a power Storm user since the Storm first came out; so we dropped off the Storm2 for her to use for a few days then  give us her feedback/opinion.

Melissa reported back to us with tons of information and none of it negative.  It was actually so positive we double checked to make sure it was the  Storm2 we got backfrom her. lol Thanks again Melissa for giving the Storm2 a thorough look over.

Noticeable Differences:
Ability for WiFi (very nice)
Flick Scrolling is a big addition.
Typing accuracy much improved. The SurePress Screen Rocks!
Takes multiple  pictures Faster. ( less wait time between pictures)
Better Battery Door. (Easier to open)
Browser is faster.
Screen appears to be clearer and sharper.
Very fast booting-process
Accelerometer Vertical/Horizontal transitions 100 times better with no lag.
Battery Life seems to be much improved.
Memory and Storage size is outstanding.

It was great to hear that the Storm2 is much improved, and worth the upgrade or a first time purchase for those looking for a Touch Screen Device. Well done BlackBerry®.

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