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I missed covering this a few days ago,  I lost it in the email abyss so I am going to get it covered now. Thanks to SteelHorn for creating this great application.


IntelliBerry will be an everyday application for BlackBerry users.

IntelliBerry is a sleek new application that allows you to instantly find and launch any application, file, or contact on your BlackBerry device.


Unlike other applications, IntelliBerry requires NO setup! Instead Intelliberry uses its intelligent framework to learn what you use the most and to adapt to find what you are looking for!

IntelliBerry “learns” about you over time to show you your most used applications, contacts, and files first. It will even maintain a list of your most used items so you can instantly access them even faster!

IntelliBerry makes it easy for you to find and run your favorite applications! Just set IntelliBerry to a convenience key and start typing. IntelliBerry will instantly find the application you are looking for!
ItelliBerry’s Magic Word system, you can instantly do the things you do every day in fractional time. Planning a trip? Type “g spain” into IntelliBerry to Google “spain”. No bueno? Type “w europe” to bring up the Wikipedia Mobile article on Europe. Once you’re decided, type “a tomtom” to search Amazon for that GPS to take with you. You can even create your own Magic Words to take you to the site of your choice. The possibilies are endless!


Intelliberry enables you to locate files on your internal memory and memory card, giving you instant access to your photos, important documents, and more. IntelliBerry also lets you quickly search your contacts and easily call, sms, e-mail, or PIN anyone in your contact list!

Supported Devices:

BlackBerry: 81xx,83xx,88xx,89xx,90xx,95xx

Supported Software:

Device Operation System versions 4.5+ (Go to Options > About on your device)

Price: $6.95
Special Price: $4.95 until Apr 30

4 Day Trial Version

You can pick up IntelliBerry from the Favorite Product Section in the Store HERE!

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